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Preview Interlinear Scripture Analyzer 3 pro

last update 30 jul 2015

ISA3 pro is still a work in progress, but we can show some preview screenshots below and a video:

Main view:

The 'Lines' menu item of ISA3 pro. - notice the additional Greek texts - (NA26/27 will probably be replaced by NA28). Sinaiticus is one of our next projects (planned to be available in ISA3 pro at a later date) :
menu lines ISA3 pro

You can select two or more Greek texts this will show you a multiple merged text in one. Any difference you will be able to see easily.

The picture below gives an example of two different translations, one based on Textus Receptus (KJV) and the other on the Concordant Greek Text (CLV). Now you can see which of the differences are based on Greek Text variants. First picture shows the Textus Receptus represented as R  and the Concordant Greek Text represented with a (C) which words are here suppressed from view for easier reading.

Next picture is the otherway around, only the C text is visible and the R is now suppressed:

Also you can show with both together then it look like this:

If you look carefully can see that even the interlinear (translation) lines are context sensitive!

Back to the last two lines in the 'lines' menu those are of the KJV and CLV translations (optional translation-linking). Because these translations are also made as interlinear lines there is the ability now to present it in Concordant View to show its consistency.

Here an example of the Concordant View search with 'gentiles' in the KJV translation. What you can see here is that the KJV makes no distinction between ethnos and hellEn both are translated with 'Gentiles'. But in reality they have not the same meaning at all. There are a lot of these inconsistencies in all kinds of translations btw. but this is one of the best ways to find them.

CView search with 'gentiles' in KJV translation:

CV gentiles KJV

Example search query realtime preview - see if there are matching words while you type before you search the text:

Search query example with assist for parsing query:

Example Configuration - Font settings:

Will be continued...


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