ISA (Interlinear Scripture Analyzer) is an Interlinear Bible and Concordance Search tool.
Etymological and idiomatic sublinears are closing the gap between translations and the original Bible text. ISA is designed to be dynamic and transparent, hereby enhancing objectivity. ISA has unique functions to present the interlinear renderings in a concise, systematic way and showing the connection between them. This will greatly improve word studies. Even possible errors in any of the databases are easily detected by this method. (see Concordant View)


A transparently organized database structure is used to make sure that all (other) renderings of a Greek word are instantly visible. See example of APHESIN (Eph. 1:7)

When in Concordant View mode, selecting the Strong's number will show a comprehensive overview, by which any anomalies or faults can easily be detected.


ISA's features and functions :

  • The following databases are available.
  • Searching the interlinear and the translations.
  • Concordant View function
  • 9 interlinear levels.
  • Parallel translation/notes columns.
  • Personal notes linked to 'verse' number.
  • Personal notes linked to 'Strong's' number.
  • Easy and fast user interface.