Concordant Greek-English Sublinear -idiomatic-
for Scriveners Textus Receptus 1894
version 2.3, Interlinear format 2009 Scripture4all Foundation.

Based on the CONCORDANT LITERAL NEW TESTAMENT 1983 Concordant Publishing Concern
and LEXICON AND CONCORDANCE 1995 Concordant Publishing Concern.

This edition is still a work-in-progress,
with further revisions and editing forthcoming.

The CGES_id is based on the vocabulary of the Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT), the 6th edition (Concordant Publishing Concern, U.S.A, 1983).
As the text of the CLNT is based on the Concordant Greek Text, the 4th edition (1975), the CGTS and the CGES have been adapted to the Scriveners Textus Receptus 1894 of the Greek New Testament