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This text gives all the readings of the three most ancient codices – Alexandrinus, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. Although worthwhile readings from other sources, including the Papyri, the evidence of the Fathers, ancient versions, later manuscripts and modern scholarship were given ample consideration, it was found that the three major ancient texts contain every letter which modern editors deem genuine. Our CONCORDANT GREEK TEXT allows the reader to see every passage just as it was penned nearly two thousand years ago, in the ancient uncial alphabet.
An ultra-literal and consistent English sublinear is provided which uniformly expresses the Greek grammar with English standards. Wherever possible the first letter of the English standard in the sublinear stands directly under the first letter of the corresponding Greek word. With a format uniform throughout to facilitate reference, there are 20 Greek letters to the line and 50 to the column, giving 1000 to the page. Readings variant from the basic text are given in the superlinear.


A companion volume to the CONCORDANT LITERAL NEW TESTAMENT, the CONCORDANT GREEK TEXT and the KEYWORD CONCORDANCE, this work analyzes the whole vocabulary of the Greek Scriptures by word families, defines terms, lists occurences of all important grammatical forms, and includes a brief course in sacred Greek.


The Concordant Version presents God’s Word in a most useful form. It is a literal translation, seeking to carry over the Original text through a consistent–concordant–English vocabulary. The type is large and readable, with boldface representing the actual English translation of the original Greek and lightface showing English words added for idiomatic clarity or to reflect grammatical significance. Each page has wide margins. An abbreviation key is provided, and there is a comprehensive Explanatory Introduction as well as six pages of Instructions for Use.
The Version is bound together with the KEYWORD CONCORDANCE, in which the English words used in the text are arranged alphabetically. It is at the same time a Greek concordance, because the entries, though listed in English form (according to the primary English Keywords), represent the original Greek words. In addition, the respective word in the Greek original is always added (in Roman characters) beside the English standard. At the end of each entry is given a list of all the words used in the Authorized (King James) Version for that Greek term. In addition, these AV terms appear in regular alphabetical order in this Concordance, together with a reference to the Concordant Keyword.


The ideal way to read the Old Testament is in its original languages, Hebrew and Chaldee (Aramaic). But as this is not ordinarily possible, the next best way is to use the CONCORDANT VERSION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. The same concordant principle is used in this translation as was used for the New Testament. Eight volumes are now available, each with an introduction explaining the features employed by this version, as well as the method of translation used to produce it. Boldface type, symbols and superior letters are used to indicate the words actually found in the Original. Lightface type indicates words added for clarity. Textual emendations are noted. In paperback.