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Windows 2000 (needs gdiplus.dll)
Windows 98SE (needs gdiplus.dll)

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Download main ISA install

ISA basic 2.1.5 what's new?  / Database Info  
NT Greek

ScrTR with sublinears : ScrTR_t, Strong, Parsing, CGTS, CGES_id.

OT Hebrew

WLC with sublinears : WLC_t, WLC_tm, CHES v2.0, Strong.
(optional: Hebrew font info)

Translation AV

Strong's Greek + Hebrew

15 Jun 2011

8.5 MB

Download additional modules for ISA 2 (install only after ISA 2 is installed)

Concordant Literal Version
29 Feb 2012

1.1 MB

Young's Literal Translation 1898
25 Oct 2010
1.1 MB

(Dutch) Staten Vertaling
16 Mar 2015
1.4 MB





About the Hebrew fonts

The WLC and WLC_v uses unicode fonts. This means that any Hebrew unicode font can be used.
If you have Windows XP and want to show the WLC with vowel correctly you need to follow the instructions when you start the ISA program for the first time or click here.
ISA uses standard Times New Roman for the Hebrew, but Arial can be used also.

The best looking font for the WLC and WLC_v is: Ezra SIL.
But there is one drawback and that is: it is very slow. Drawing of this font is about ten times slower that of the unicode fonts Arial or Times New Roman.
Download Ezra SIL here: EzraSIL25.exe
From the SIL international site:































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